Now Available: Hold This Close: A Winter Seedlings Prequel

Hold This Close: A Winter Seedlings Prequel is now available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and soon OpenBooks. The storyline spans a 12 hour period in 1989 and follows Allie as she struggles to come to terms with her past abuse and what lies ahead for her. The novella is 24,000 words but has the first four chapters of Winter Seedlings tacked onto the end which makes it 34,000 words total. The book opens with this poem which I wrote over a decade ago. It fit well with Allie’s story:


Some bled to the next
On to the one over
And again.
Pieces parted
Then the patchwork.
Black line art
Against vibrant reds.
I stared at it for a dream hour.
You were there with me
In a silent corner
Fingering the dust on the window.
“I like it,” I said.
“Finally,” you said.
But I didn’t tell you about the past
Coming among us now.
I wait for you to look away
Then turn
Something in my hand
And I separate from the reflection.
I’m leaving this all
To you.

Hold This Close Cover


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