Cover Reveal: Hold This Close

I have written a novella as a prequel to Winter Seedlings. The purpose of this novella is to give Allie’s point of view and to provide a free (or near-free) introduction to the series. In Winter Seedlings, Jute has a lot of thoughts about why Allie behaves the way she does. Jute also makes clear how she feels about Allie.

But, how accurate are Jute’s assumptions? And how does Allie feel about Jute?

The prequel novella is titled Hold This Close and is approximately 24,000 words. It takes place in Maryville, Tennessee in May 1989. Winter Seedlings will pick up in January 1990.

Some of Allie’s story is revealed in Winter Seedlings. Revelations of what happened to her play an important part of the story, so I wanted to be careful not to spoil those moments. This is why, in Hold This Close, I focus less on the actual events and more on the psychological aftermath. She is trying to figure out how she fits in with her peers when none of them have gone through what she has.

There are two important aspects to Allie’s story. There is the world she moves through and the world that moves within her. In her mind, those two worlds cannot coexist, so she neglects one of them to focus on feeling at peace in the other.

Hold This Close will be out by the first of July. I will announce the date as soon as I know it. For now, I’ll share with you the cover reveal.

This amazing photograph was taken by Nunzia Passaro. Click here to see her work and other photos from this set.

Cover Design by Mr. Brown

Hold This Close Cover


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