Touch the Fish

“Touch the fish,” Daddy said.
His eyes were angry.
But Peter refused.
He had stopped fishing earlier
Because a bee landed on his shirt.
Peter hated bees.
He hated slimy things.
He hated fish.

“Pamela, come pick up this fish
And throw it in the bucket!”
I picked it up,
But I didn’t want to.
Fish were gross.
But I didn’t want Daddy mad at me.
And I thought maybe
I would make him proud.

He laughed, “See there, Peter,
Even a girl can pick up a fish.
You are acting worse than
A little ol’ girl,”
Peter just gave him a meek stare;
The words hurt,
But the fish was in the bucket
And he didn’t have to touch it.


2 thoughts on “Touch the Fish

    • Thank you so much! I plan to add quite a few similar posts in the weeks ahead. Please check back. And thank you for being a Towe fan (Roberts being my maiden name, it kind of runs together and looks like Stowe, I guess.)


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