A Fumbling Hand

Hey, why I am writing a blog post today? I mean, didn’t I just finish writing and editing my first novel? Shouldn’t I be celebrating or something? Maybe I should get busy with the next phase toward publishing it?

Right. That’s why I am writing a blog post. Because writing this blog post is easier than trying to figure out what I should do next. I need this panic to subside before I can even start researching information on editors, cover art, query letters, beta readers, writing groups, contests, self publishing how-to’s and not-to’s, and so much more. I think my head might explode.

Do you know why I write? I write because it connects what is inside of me to what is out there, to you. It is a hand that reaches, and hopefully without much fumbling, finds the hand of another. And there is comfort and validation that comes from that connection. It says, “Let me put words to this ache so we can let it go out of us and into the light where we can examine it together.”

Whatever I decide to do with what I have created, it has to be consistent with my purpose in writing it. It has to have readers or it is only a hand stretched out to nothing, waving in the wind.

So the big question is, which choices will help this story make more of those connections?

I don’t yet know the answer.


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